Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be widely recognized for our culture, values, student participation, and have a goal-oriented approach where the prime focus is on individuality, excellence and creativity.

Our highly dedicated staff and parents work collaboratively to encourage students to perform to their fullest potential to achieve excellence in fine arts, academics, technology, athletics and community. We aspire to be the voice of change in education, pursuing innovative approaches, and committed to making this institution different, dynamic and globally focused.

Core Beliefs

While fulfilling our mission, we subscribe to the following core beliefs:

  • Academic Excellence To cultivate in each student a lifelong passion for learning with high standards of teaching that enable students to achieve the ultimate goal of education which is success.
  • Continuous Endeavour Each student’s academic potential is identified to the fullest through a varied curriculum.
  • Safe and Caring Environment Students learn best in a respectful, supportive environment of trust.
  • Holistic Development Intellectual growth requires not only the acquisition of knowledge but its application in analytical, creative and expressive ways that make learning meaningful.
  • Physical and Emotional Growth Physical and mental health is critical to the development of each student’s personal potential.
  • Responsibility The school shares with families the responsibility for fostering in each student a strength of character, a sense of personal responsibility and an attitude of tolerance and compassion.
  • Equality and Respect Each student must be always treated equally with respect and dignity.
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