Mr. Birendra Bansal
(Principal – Ascent International School)

Principal’s Message

Information may be free, but education is priceless.
– Marie Forleo

Information may be free, but education is priceless.
– Marie Forleo

I strongly believe that education is the most powerful and priceless tool that one can have to be successful in life. However, the quantum of success depends on how this tool is used. 
Very recently, the whole world has experienced how coronavirus pandemic has not only crippled everyone’s life but affected our education system seriously. As a result, millions of children around the world were forced to be away from school. However, nothing stopped us in getting connected with children. We emerged stronger from this global crisis than ever before and we continued helping our students in their studies by bringing fundamental changes in pedagogy.
Since the situation has now considerably improved, letting children come to school in person, we affirm our commitment to continue providing best of best education by developing their life skills, instil in them sound values, and nurture their curiosity for lifelong learning. We at Ascent International School, adopt comprehensive approach to teaching and address the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of students in an integrated learning format.
We believe that school education system sets the context for the future learning, and prepares children to be self-motivated and self-directed learners. It also shapes their physical and mental health, and provides them with the environment for overall development and well-being. And to achieve this, child friendly and supportive environment for learning experience is a necessary.  Hence, every day, we endeavor to make teaching and learning enjoyable and purposeful with the help of experiential and experimental learning, and a creative and innovative spirit. 
Our teachers are constantly making learning enjoyable, purposeful and inclusive, and shaping children to be emotionally intelligent and to inspire to believe in themselves aligned to new education policy which will help children to live a balanced and happy life. We endeavor to build strong character that helps students understand and appreciate the right values. 
I wish each child the very best on their academic journey and I am hopeful that will take them to new accomplishments. 
Birendra Bansal 

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